Tech Billionaires Launch Internship Program To Incubate Singapore’s Finest In China

More technology startups are created these days than ever before, which is understandable considering the so many startups created in the last 15 years or so have totally changed the way that we all lead our day to day lives – and will continue to transform our day to day lives from here on out.

At the same time, technology startups aren’t just being incubated and fostered in Silicon Valley in the United States any longer. Singapore is quickly establishing itself as the “go to” location around the world to build a brand-new technology startup, thanks in large part to a very business friendly government, considerable investment, and infrastructure that as everything necessary to support rapid and innovative growth.

Of course, outsiders looking in at the Singapore startup culture are very excited about the prospects that this nation and these people bring to the table. The Chinese in particular are very excited about the prospects of Singapore, so much so that new internship programs designed to incubate Singapore talent in China by a number of technology billionaires have just recently launched.

Named the Singapore Valley Award, these programs are designed to give Singapore undergraduate students the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of work experience in some of the hottest technology companies in China. This program is designed to help incubate and improve the best talent Singapore has to offer, while providing a tremendous amount of opportunity to both the Singapore students and the Chinese companies that decide to take advantage of their skills and expertise.

Major Chinese technology billionaires, as well as Singapore technology titans and US investors as well are all recognizing the incredible talent the people of Singapore have to offer and are making these kinds of investments with eyes wide open.

These new internship programs are available to undergraduates that are native to Singapore or permanent residents, but students also have to be in their third or fourth year of full-time study and one of the six publicly funded universities in Singapore. Students that are shortlisted for this kind of internship will have the opportunity to pitch business ideas to 10 prominent members of the Singapore and Chinese tech in investment community, and those that we can internship with have the opportunity to work on world changing program as well as bring their own projects life – depending upon the duration of the internship that they are invited into.

Nine students will win at least three month long internships with Chinese company, and each of these nine students will receive $1500 per month for the course of their internship on top of any money they are able to earn with the companies that they are brought on board with.

Exciting see this kind of investment in the future of the startup culture, and the technology world is definitely going to be better off thanks to these kinds of initiatives that are being brought forward by China, Singapore, the US, Australia, and others.

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