Should You Use Talent Assessments For Onboarding New Hires?

Regardless of the size of your business, ensuring that your new hire will fit both your desired skill sets and company culture can be challenging to determine. Even if you excel at conducting interviews, the phycology behind your candidate’s answers may not be something you fully understand.

1122KXE54292With the competitive nature of today’s job market, it can be difficult to narrow down the multitude of qualified candidates—which is why + can be helpful. The 5 factors below highlight how talent assessments can help you to narrow down your ideal candidates.

All The Right Answers, But Not The Right Fit

As an employer you have likely experienced the disappointment of hiring an individual who seemed to have “all the right answers” to your interview questions, and all of the right experience—but was somehow not the right fit once you brought them on board. This could be due to personality conflicts, differing types of communication preferences, or due to being inflexible in the way in which they get the job done. Even if the new hire does the job well, they may not be a cohesive team member—which can lead to internal disconnects.

By turning to a talent assessment, you will have access to questions that will delve into specific personality traits. This will provide you with the confidence that you are hiring the skill set you desire, as well as the work ethic, communication skill, and personality traits you desire.

Personalize To Your Industry And Company

Sometimes it is difficult to discern if a candidate will appreciate the inner-office culture you have worked hard to cultivate. Whether you are a casual office, conservative office, encourage team input, or prefer less team input—your talent assessment can be personalized to the types of work environments your candidates prefer.

This will help to ensure that your new hire enjoys their job, which is vital for employee retention. While a talent assessment will help to determine if your candidate is ideal for your industry and company culture—it will still give have access to a wide-range of personalities, which is essential for a diverse yet aligned workforce.

They Can Be The First Phase Of Your Interview Process

Assessments can be done online as part of the application process, or as the first step in the interview process. This produces great time savings by allowing you to focus only on the most qualified candidates first. It will weed out candidates that possess the skills and qualifications you desire, yet are not quite the full package.

Identifies Areas Of Opportunity

Talent assessments can be used to clearly identify your new hire’s key areas of opportunity. Even if a candidate achieves the results you desire, their assessment results will show you some of their areas of opportunity prior to hire. This will help you to personalize their training, as well as help you to determine where to invest your companywide training and development budget.

They Can Be Used For Your Current Staff Too

There are numerous benefits to administering talent assessments to your current staff. The results of the assessment provide valuable insight as to how your current staff processes information—which can help you to manage individuals in a personalized manner. You can also use the results to identify the commonalities between employees that you may not otherwise notice. You can use the results to implement internal training and development, to restructure your current teams, and to gain a better understanding of what traits you desire within your workforce.

Talent assessments are the way of the future, and are becoming and expectation for job seekers. If you have yet to invest in sourcing a personalized talent assessment for your company—you are missing out on its potential to increase your productivity and efficiency.

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