Recover Lost Data With A Simple Download

The central unit of a computer is the registry. It is that location which stores and records important information about programs and activities performed by the machine.The registry unit contains all your computer settings values, programs that can be used, user profiles, property sheet settings, document types, ports and system hardware. This unit requires a periodic clean up from time to time. Failing to do so will result in slowing down your compute and a possible system crash due to invasion of harmful spyware and virus.


Have you ever lost important data and could not retrieve the same? We all have faced the issue. Well you can overcome the problem by using the best data recovery software. This software is easy to install on your computer and recover files immediately. Another benefit of using data recovery is that even if files have been overwritten, this software can still restore data.

Options to recover

There are many options available to choose from in the market but a little research throws up the best data recovery software available. With a rating of 4.8 on 5 is Data Recovery Pro, a software that is excellent for recovering lost attachments and emails. Apart from the two, this software is helpful in recovering a wide variety of files that have been encrypted, recycled or even compressed. Priced at $ 49.97, the software reclaims files even from freshly formatted or portioned disks. It is designed to work with a number of storages and is not limited to just external hard drives, USB drives and photo storage items. This is a powerful program that finds and recovers files quickly without taking up much system space.

For system support, your computer must have at least an Intel Pentium III or compatible processor. It will require 256 MB of Ram although at least 512 MB is and an operating system that supports Windows Vista or XP.

Next in line with a customer review of 4.7 points on 5, is Remo Recover Pro, software that is designed for PC’s and Apple Mac computers. This software can recover 300 different files. What Remo Recover Pro does is scan your entire computer in a matter of a few minutes; search through thousands of files looking for the files you need. It can search and recover files from formatted partitions as well even after Windows has been re-installed. Inaccessible partitions or deleted files can also be recovered using this software. You can buy this software at $ 99.95 and one needs to be aware that this is the best available in the business.

Another software recovery program that is available in the market is Stellar with a rating of 4.5 points out of five. You can buy this software for just $99.99. Some of the beneficial features include its compatibility to work with office docs, database files, pdf supported files and also deleted formatted partitions. Once installed, the software searches for and protects audio, video and image files including but not limited to BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPG, JPEG, and WAV formats.

With the best data recovery software in  hand, you can be rest assured that even if you do lose data, you have the best support available to help you  recover the same.

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