Office 365 Deployment: Modern Web Based System Of Office

There are different types of links created like set-up, adding users, service request, message center etc.  Are created to interconnect the user and the links. The Office 365 is a web based version of Microsoft Office and it was introduced in October 2010 but until 2011 it was not widely available. The Office 365 is delivered to the users for the unified communications through e-mail etc. There are several plans in the Office 365 ranges according to the business needs and the best part is that they are regularly updated every 90 days approximately. Office 365 is an online version or online service which is subscription based, and it includes Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Office Web Apps or Lync online.

Modern Web Based System Of Office

There are mainly two ways of setting up the organization of Office 365:

Basic Set Up and Extended Set Up

  • Basic Set Up:

The various steps of creating the Office 365 are as follows:

*Create users

*Set up the Office Apps

*Set up e-mail

*Web Conferencing

  • Extended Set Up:

Used for Running Automatic check- ups.

*Set up the Directory Synchronization

* Migrate the mail

*Configure the hybrid environment

These are the various set ups used in setting up of the Office 365 deployment. It can be used for Office Employees or Students. There are various advantages of Office 365 as it provides cloud services and prevents the Maintenance task of IT Company such as patching or infrastructure support costs, accessibility is very easy and can be done anywhere with an internet connection.

Advantages of Office 365

  • Disintermediation:

Connected directly with the end users and there is no role of mediators.

  • Removal of Obstacles:

It removes the obstacle of adopting new technologies.

  • Control over online identities:

It acts as a software giant.

  • Makes the user happy.

These are the some of the advantages of it.

Office 365 Deployment

Once the decision taken for the switching to Office 365, there are two ways of migration processes:

  • Exchange Migration Plan

Under it the user can migrate the existing Exchange environment to Office 365, even if it is the case of Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010.It is also known as “Simple Exchange Migration” or “Cut over Migration”.

A help from the Exchange Deployment Assistant can also be taken in moving to the Office 365.

  • Exchange Deployment Assistant:

Under this we can locate the migration information as well as the other details for working in the hybrid environment. In Staged Migration, the users are migrated in the batches. It is more effective than cutover migration.

Importance of Office 365

  • Offered by the largest software company of the world.
  • Widely used cloud based e-mail platforms available for organizations ranging from small business to large businesses.
  • It is extremely reliable.
  • It provides an e-mail continuity solution.
  • E-mail out stages created the security.
  • The decision – makers who are using Office 365 must determine their cost of downtime including not only the productivity cost but also the opportunity cost and the other costs.

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