Leomaster Finally Offers Wholesome Phone Privacy

A 2014 eMarketer study predicted that over two billion consumers will get a Smartphone by the year 2016. This might not look like a big deal until you consider what these devices will be used to do. A report published on Financial Times says that over 57% of internet users today use their handsets to shop, bank, research and so much more.


The Downside

This device has become a must-have for its extended functionality including cameras, video capability, editing software and many other features. The downside is the risk of data loss if someone accesses your device or if you lost it. There are company files you have saved on your device, sensitive messages, photos and other items which can greatly trump your life.

LEOMASTER Offers a Solution

This is where LEOMASTER fits in perfectly. If you have been worried about your phone’s privacy, it is time to learn about what this Chinese company has to offer in order to relax even when your phone is not in your hands. The company that launched in May 2014 has been creating headlines for its timely phone privacy guard namely Leo Privacy Guard.

Why Leo Privacy Guard is a Big Deal

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal after all there are so many privacy guards in the market. Well, for starters, if these other products would have been effective, no one would have been overly bothered over their phone’s privacy. As it is, something is amiss and this is where the new app is coming in, to fill the gap.

Leo Privacy Guard, which was introduced in November 2014, offers a new approach in protecting everything you have in your phone. From apps, contacts, call logs, texts, videos and photos, it is now possible to lock it all in. This is one thing that all the other privacy applications have been missing.

It is a perfect solution for Smartphone users who will always take advantage of the large storage capacity in their gadgets to store a lot of files. The Leo Privacy Guard 2.0 is also a big deal because not only has it been developed by some of the most established developers in the industry, it comes with the easiest interface to use.

So what else makes this LEOMASTER product so exceptional ? Here are some few ideas.

  1. Incremental protection levels: Depending on the situation, your phone may require more privacy and this is where this feature comes in handy. The app shows you different levels of privacy from dangerous all through to perfect in order to prompt you to choose to upgrade and lock your files.
  2. Best privacy protection: There are privacy alerts to keep you informed of security needs while you are also able to lock every app in your phone and the handset itself.
  3. Easy customization: You don’t have to worry about your app just doing the obvious because once it is installed, you can go on to increase the modes, change themes and play around with settings until you get the right personalized touch for your phone.
  4. App covers: These enhance security by hiding those apps you don’t want people to tamper with. Even when a different user tries to unlock this cover, they will not manage unless they have the pattern you have used.

LEOMASTER have already established themselves as master app developers, but this time they have clearly outdone themselves. You just need to download the app for free from Google Play to fully experience it.

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