Iphone X, Apple Goes Bezel-Less & Button-Less

Let’s face it, everybody wants an Apple product. They are probably the most sophisticated pieces of gadgets that you can use on a daily basis. Right from the Mac to the iPhone, each one of them gives you a feel that other devices can’t. It’s perhaps a psychological thing. They’re like the Ferrari’s of the car world, simple and elegant on the outside but beaming with technology from the inside. I don’t know why anyone will ever need a 12 inch iPad, but we all want one. Perhaps it’s their approach to design, simple is always better and I for one agree with that just. There is a beauty to things that just work out of the box. But in the mind of Apple beauty does come at a price. And likewise every single one of their devices cost a fortune.

Apple, like all other companies,needs to produce new devices to survive the market. And like all other companies they need to make profits in order to operate.  But what happens when you run out of ideas? Meet the iPhone X, a phone that is perhaps ahead of the curve at the moment but a little late to the party. Apple recently lifted the curtain on this phone at their Apple Keynote event in September and boy were we in for a shock. Not only did they announce the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at their event but they skipped the iPhone 9 altogether and the internet was awash with the ‘seven ate (eight) nine’ memes. Even by apple standards, this keynote event was a total disaster with the new Face ID fail and weird applications for their AR prowess. All in all, I’m concerned about where Apple is going with this. So let’s jump into the specifications of the new Apple iPhone X.

Design and Display:

The Apple iPhone X boasts of a whole new design that is nowhere to be found in the market. It has a glass construction at the back for wireless charging support accompanied by dual cameras. The Speaker is nicely integrated into the bottom and the earpiece and is some of the best sounding speakers in the market. The front of the device is now completely revamped. It has no buttons or fingerprint sensor to begin with but instead it is accompanied by a 5.8 inch bezel less display with prominent cut at the top that houses the sensor array, camera and earpiece. The implementation of this does raise a few aesthetic questions though.

The display of the iPhone is 5.8 inches as stated, although I’m unsure if it counts the smaller sections of the screen at the top. For a company that has always been two steps ahead of the design curve, Apple seemed to have a complete hash of it. I personally like Samsung’s approach to bezel less display’s. They aren’t completely bezel less as apple towards the top but their edge to edge display is more premium and the top bezels are better implemented. However the display itself is just gorgeous like all Apple products and this time around it’s an OLED panel manufactured by Samsung. All this does come at a price though as the Apple iPhone X is one of the heaviest phone releases in current smartphone trend, coming in at 174 grams which makes it even heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The display boasts of a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels which translates to a pixel per inch density of 463. It also boasts of the Dolby Vision/HDR10 technology compliance and comes with Apple’s 3D touch technology.


Being Apple’s flagship release, it’s no surprise that it has the guns to keep up and destroy the competition. The iPhone X has an A11 Bionic processor which is a Hexa-Core unit. It is currently the fastest mobile processor in existence and even handily beats down the Snapdragon 835 which is absolutely no slouch in any way. It is also coupled with 3GB of DDR4 RAM and an M11 Co-Processor, it eats its way through the benchmarks and as demonstrated with the AR applications, it also keeps up with real time rendering and applications without breaking a sweat. The Graphics are handled by a Tri-Core GPU exclusive to the A11 Bionic processor.


The iPhone X gets the latest iOS 11 update right out of the box. It is smartly adapted to take full advantage of the button less layout, and can intelligently identify various gestures drawn on the screen. Now to exit an app, you simply swipe from the bottom and throw it away, slide at the bottom to switch between apps and drag the app midway to bring up the task manager. Apple has hands down the best software in the business.

Camera and Storage:

Apple and Samsung are involved in a dead heat to see who has the better camera. And I think they are already at the prime of camera technology for the current time, meaning that their cameras are as good as we can ask of for the technology of today for mobiles. The rear has a dual camera setup for the iPhone X, both boasting 12MP BSI sensors and ability to record 720p Videos as a whopping 240fps.

The front is where things get interesting. The new face time camera is one of the most highlighted features of the device as it is used for everything from taking selfies to unlocking the device.

Storage wise, the iPhone X gets 64GB as the base variant and goes up to 256GB for the top models. The storage used is the fastest NAND flash storage with blazing read/write speeds.

Battery and Connectivity:

The battery rating for the iPhone X is irrelevant because despite having a small 2716mAh rating, apple does a brilliant job at optimising it.

Connectivity wise, there is no reliable information available as the device hasn’t officially been launched yet.

Final Words:  

Let’s get the elephant out of the room first, the iPhone X costs 1000USD for the US. And when it hits India, It won’t come cheap either as Apple iPhone X price is nearly Rs.89000 for the base variant, making it the most expensive mobile phone to hit the Indian shores. Should you buy the iPhone X? NO, it’s too expensive and more importantly, it is a first gen product and would depreciate drastically next year.

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