How Using Virtual Desktops Will Improve Your Business


Virtual desktops are a fantastic way of delivering high quality software to your business without actually having to purchase the really expensive hardware and software yourself. Virtual desktops as a sector of the software market has been constantly growing its’ market share over the last few years. Virtual desktop software can revolutionise your business and help you compete with the best in the world by offering you fantastic software when it comes out. Read this article to learn more about how using virtual desktops will improve your business.

Anywhere Access:

Perhaps the best feature of using virtual desktops for your business is being able to work from anywhere, anytime on any device which is connected to the internet. This massively improves the flexibility with how you can run your business. This means employees can work from home, in a coffee shop or of course at the office. By accessing the cloud where all your files and software will be hosted people can simultaneously work on different projects whilst not having to be in the same place. Even when an employee is on holiday if they need to check up on a project then they can easily access the cloud to be able to do this.


Saving you money:

One of the most important jobs for any business is being cost effective. Virtual desktops are a fantastic way of making your business more cost effective. By allowing your employees to work anywhere you could run your business without even having to rent or own a headquarters. All your employees could work from home if you wanted saving massively on rent, heating and electric costs.

All in one product:

Using a hosted virtual desktop solution is not a really cheap option, however when you consider that as part of the package you get the following;

  • 24/7 IT support
  • Renewal on your server hardware
  • Maintenance on your PC desktops
  • A license for Microsoft Office
  • Security software such as anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Backup and recovery software
  • Software upgrades and server updates done for you

If you was to pay for all these separate features from different companies the cost would be far higher than the cost of a single virtual desktop package.

New software available:

New software is constantly being released year on year as the technology is rapidly improving and keeping up with this on yourself is a very hard task to do. By using a virtual desktop solution all this will be done for you. Virtual desktops are fantastic at keeping you up to date with the latest technology that your business needs.

Future Proof:

Future proof is a term often used in the IT sector without much real truth to it. However when using a virtual desktop solution you really are future proofing your business in terms of software. By having new software available and easily usable by your business you are allowing your company to keep up with all your competitors.

24/7 IT Support:

Another major advantage of using virtualdesktop solutions is the 24/7 support that comes with the package. This will save you money by not having to hire your own IT support team, but also save you a lot of time by not having to diagnose and fix problems your business may encounter. Virtual desktop software is used by so many companies that the problem you encounter is most likely one that your virtual desktop provider will have dealt with before so it will be easy for them to fix. With 24/7 IT support is 365 days a year round so whenever you have a problem you can rest assured that it will be sorted and your business will run smoothly.


Backup and recovery:

By having all your software and files stored on the cloud this automatically will back up your software and files so that you do not have to worry about losing them. This will allow if you have any disasters to easily recover what you may have lost saving you a lot of hassle.


If you think your business would like all of these advantages to happen to them then virtual desktops are the perfect service for you. Why not take a look on the internet at what some virtual desktop providers can offer you.

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