How To Know If Someone’s Spying On Your Phone

A large number of phone spy apps have made their way to the market, and now these apps are being used worldwide, particularly at homes and workplaces. Employers are using it to keep an eye on their employees whereas at homes, spy apps are being used by people to spy on their partners and their kids. Despite increase in spy apps’ usage, it is very difficult to know if you are being spied on. However, there are some indicators that will help you to know if you’re being monitored or not.

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Battery Drains at a Faster Rate

Batteries in most of the smartphones don’t last too long in general. However, if someone has installed a spy app on your phone, then the battery drainage will become a whole lot faster. You can check different battery management apps to see which apps are draining the battery, but if you don’t find any significant reason for the drainage, then the likelihood is that you are being spied on.

Your Phone Stays Warm

Because spy apps are always running, they not only drain your battery but also heat up your smartphone. It’s very unlikely for a smartphone to stay heated up for a long time, so if you feel that your phone is staying warm for a long time, then you are probably being spied on.

Strange Noises during Calls

If you are on call with someone and you are hearing some strange echoes or sounds, then the chances are that somebody might be listening in. This is the biggest clue that you are being spied on. This third-party intrusion is bound to create strange sounds, so if you are hearing some strange echoes that aren’t coming from the person you are calling or from your side, then a third-party might be involved.

Network Usage

Most of the internet providers allow you to keep check on the network’s usage. If you aren’t downloading a whole lot of stuff, but still you see that the data usage has significantly increased, then the likelihood is that spy app on your phone is eating up your bandwidth.

All of the aforementioned points clearly indicate that spy apps are heavy applications which can damage your device big time, and can invade your privacy. So if you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, then you should reset your phone. Although you can install certain anti-spy apps, there will be no way for you to be sure that the sneaky app is gone. If you know any expert on spy app, you can also consult them. They might be able to spot the app on your mobile phone and get rid of it. It’s very difficult to stay safe from spy apps in this day and age, but this does not mean that you should just give up altogether. You should take steps to get rid of the spy apps so that you can use your device as you see fit.

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