How The Online Game – Clash Of Clans Became The Most Popular Online Android App Game

The most popular of all games, Clash of clans journey towards being the most successful and the most busy app in the online world cannot be contributed to one or two good things only. Though not to be untruthful, there are just a few things that a gem needs to make an individual to be addicted to it.The point that makes the game a favorite is perhaps that solely part, as in, that is the point of having many positive qualities clubbed together apart from being high on being interactive and high on reliability as well.


The main plus point of the game is also the point that irrespective of the things, the only perspective that one come out of the game is awesomeness. The clans wars and the clashes are very realistic and very well graphically designed as well. Though in the matter of the layout of the game, it is pretty good, but these things do matter when it comes to player retention and capability of playing the mobile game.

The best free game app to exist on Android and iOS app stores till date

As because there are lots of people working and developing exciting apps, it is impossible to find the best one, meant for your recreation. The best thing about the app is the ability of the player to interact, stage a clash of clan hack and chat with most of the players who are online and are playing the game. Earlier, when these kinds of games were introduced without the social interactions point, it actually made the people who used to play the game a bit socially awkward as they engross themselves in the game more that the game was meant to engage.

Of course after the introduction of the mobile phone, online virtual app market has become flourished and fit to be dealt with the authorities. Here of course the only kind of authority is the app administrator,  and  one can easily approach them and lodge any kind query and any kind of rule clarification as well. But, with the upcoming online live games, like clash of clans where one can also use clash of clan hack, the tension was completely ruled out.

Social part of the game is the best

Being social even while playing is probably not the only reason, but one of the biggest reasons a so why the game is so much popular. What a better way to connect, as it is not every day that one gets to connect with friends everyday pleasantries, at least in the face of the game, it is possible and feasible and of course fun as well. There can be and cannot be any special point in making a game special, though there must be something very engaging in the main concept of the game that people actually take out time from their bus lives and get on to the game.

If talking about what was available earlier, one can easily point our lousy games that one got bored while playing, but today it is of course not the case anymore. Remembering the snake game now seems to be so trivial and moreover the most boring part of gaming in particular as well. That is why one didn’t have anything to do with the game after more than spending a maximum of thirty minutes on it. This situation, of course, had to be dealt with beautifully in order to make the whole thing super worthwhile and of course engage people. As the technology advanced though, these things became possible, otherwise who would have thought to talk and to play online in the game at the same times will have been possible or not.

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