Cyber Security Testers – Choosing A Dependable Provider

It pretty much goes without saying that to employ a shoddy cyber security testing service is about as valuable for your business as not bothering in the first place. In fact, it can actually be more detrimental than leaving your systems untested as if you’re given the green light by a firm that doesn’t know what it’s doing, you’ll be led into a rather dangerous false sense of security.


This is why when and where the time comes to involve an external provider to test out your cyber security systems, it’s crucial not to rush into any decisions without careful thought and vetting. There are literally thousands of brands and businesses on the web right now that claim to be able to offer high-end cyber security testing, when in reality a huge chunk of these will steer you down wholly the wrong path. According to the pros at, there are really just a few basic things to bear in mind during the selection process that will guarantee you not only a solid testing package, but the priceless peace of mind that accompanies it.

1 – Hands-On Testing

For example, there are basically two ways of going about things like penetration testing these days – one being the hands-on approach and the other being quite the contrary. There are so many software suites on the market right now that can be used to carry out an automated series of tests that really anyone that buys one and knows how to click a button can put them to work. Sadly, hackers are upping their game every day and constantly finding new ways to completely run circles around security systems in ways standard software testing packages don’t even come close to covering. You need someone that knows how to think, act and test like a hacker – not just a guy relying on a dated piece of software.

2 – A Strong Track Record

What’s just as important as any of the skills they appear to be offering is establishing exactly how strong or otherwise their track record in the field is. More often than not, success stories and positive feedback will be shared by the provider on their primary website…most aren’t in the habit of admitting their failures. As such, it’s a good idea to carry out at least a couple of web searches prior to making your final decision in order to find out what kinds of experiences their past customers have had. If their track record speaks volumes for what they can do, chances are you’re looking at a safe bet.

3 – A Wide Portfolio of Services

The fact that cyber security is a wide-reaching area means that it really only makes sense to opt for a provider that’s proficient in as many areas of the subject as possible. Regardless of what specifically it is you’re looking for them to carry out on your behalf, the wider the set of skills they bring the table, the better for your business in general.

4 – Abundant Information

It’s not as if every business owner the world over can be expected to know the ins and outs of penetration testing…this would pretty much make the job of the tester redundant. As such, it’s never a good thing to find that a website of any given cyber security expert leaves you with more questions than answers. Without getting too bogged down with tech talk, they should be able to communicate what they do, how they do it, why it matters and what you can expect to get out of it. If all you get after paying them a visit is a furrowed brow, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

5 – Value for Money

Note that this says value for money rather than cheapness – this is one area in which you really don’t want to cut corners to save a few pennies. For example, if you find a service that appears to be offering ‘world class’ penetration testing covering all essential elements for a lump-sum payment of £14.99, it’s clear you’re dealing with a dodgy dealer. They simply cannot tell you how much you can expect to pay until they know the size, scope and type of systems they’ll be dealing with…don’t be duped by fake bargains.

6 – Satisfaction Guarantees

Last but not least, there are so many excellent cyber security services doing the rounds today which offer 100% satisfaction guarantees as standard that there’s really no sense in doing business with a brand that doesn’t…it’s as simple as that!

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