Customers Are Watching–Be Sure To Respond

Whether you are a small start-up or further along your business cycle, change will be your constant companion. Being a winner in this fast paced worldwill mean increased attention to brand imprinting strategies– the image of your company or product whichwill help attract and maintain a dedicated customer base.

Gone are the days of conventional sales pitches- you want to build a ‘DNA’ for your company that will become a reflex for buyers. All sensory channels should light up – touch as they feel your familiar product shapes, sound as they instantly identify your sparkling jingle or catchphrase, and vision as they imagine themselves joining the ranks of clued-in and glamorous folks using your services.  For this reason, you want to make sure both your printed and online images are well chosen, accurate and up to date.  Even the graphic design of a flyer or business card creates a lasting impression, for it may be the first thing a potential customer will see.

Pay close attention. Today it is buyers-as-people who will help you promote your product through word of mouth, online reviews and social media.  They will talk to others like themselves about what attracts them to your services. Remember, your brand has a personality, too, and when companies concentrate too much on data they lose touch with the fun and ‘love’ folks want to associate with their choices. Successful marketing and brand loyalty is built on trust and personal identification, which is only possible by listening and responding to the way people communicate about your product.

Building and maintaining brand image requires constant awareness of changing psychology and emotions about products, but also the way the world of work, communications and leisure have become intertwined  due to hyperlinks, interconnectivity, pervasive computing and the ‘Internet of things’. The pace of change may seem frightening, but embracing the future now can help propel your business into a world where what was once ‘out there’ on the internet is ever more closely integrated into what it means to be human.

A decade ago, futurists like Jon Husband argued an intersection of people, information and new technologies would soon change the way we lived, worked and communicated. The ‘wirearchy’ concept suggests thatwe are entering a potentially more humane world ofsensitive responses and accountability, where specific industry, marketing and talent challenges must be much more adaptive.

Start by making sure your printed visuals are timely and reflective of your goals and commitments, showing concern for your clients’ time and opinion. Get more information here to discuss details with a family run business that cares about standards and service just as you would.

Today’s clients arenot just speaking openly, but thinking for themselves, and the first thing they’ll notice is your image.They won’t be fooled by the same old gimmicks, so get up to date with the business futurists.  It’s not just all in the clouds.

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