Create Sophisticated Planograms For Your Products

A planogram is an illustration which depicts how the retails products must be arranged on the retail shelves. The planograms offer a clean and managed appearance of the products. They are commonly used in shopping malls and departmental stores.  The people who are engaged in the skill of planogramming are known as planogrammers. Properly arranged products simplify the shopping process and boost the sales.


The planograms indicate on which shelf the product must be showcased. It also reveals the products that must be places near the product. For example: If you have placed the minor kitchen appliances such as juicer on a particular shelf, you should place the other items such as blender, mixer, and grinder on the nearby shelves. When looking for a particular item, the surrounding products may also attract the customer attention.

The planogrammers prepare the planograms based on the recent sales ratio. The hired workers then arrange the products following the visual illustrations of the products.  Planograms prove helpful for the executive level as they can exercise more control over the stock. They get an idea about the current sales and profits they earn.

Planograms are made using the planogram software. A number of applications are available which are used by the planogrammers to design the planograms. These planogram software applications use information such as amount of inventory to design the diagram.

POGs have a number of advantages such as:

  •         Attractive and effective positioning of the products
  •         Quick restoration of the finished product
  •         Knowledge of the out-of-stock and the sold products
  •         No communication barriers and delay
  •         Faster replacement of the finished products

The structure of a planogram can be simple or complicated. This depends on the size of the departmental store and the requirement of the wholesaler. The simple planograms software only displays the arrangement of the products. In contrast the complex diagrams depict the exact positions and numbering of the items on the shelves.

Thumb Rules for designing planograms:

  •         Designate appropriate space for the products to match up with the sales
  •         Allocate a unique space for related products
  •         Provide extra space to the products which are in high demand and are advertised frequently
  •         Locate the promoted products in more noticeable positions of stores
  •         Arrange the less sold products near the in-demand products

Important modules of a Planogram

Let’s have a quick view at the different elements of a planogram:

  •         List of the products that would be available in the store
  •         The quantity of the available stock keeping unit (SKU)
  •         Minimum quality of the products for a particular SKU
  •         Detailed information of the dimensions of the sales area
  •         Arranging stock products of a particular brand
  •         Locating the products in the upper raw shelves

Smartdraw, Grapholite, Symphony Gold, Shelf logic and Retail Smart are some of the professional planogram software applications. They have friendly user interfaces and can be operated on all kinds of devices.  A wide library with extensive range of symbols for all products such as clothes, kitchen, and furniture are available.

Draw smart planograms and create an efficient space planning for your inventory.


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