5 Advanced Features In Whatsapp: Let’s Check Them Out!

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for Android users.  It is a cross platform supporting App used in Smart phones to sent text messages, videos, audios, images, etc. This popular messaging app is used by more than 800 million users all around the world. The app is used in various platforms including Windows phones,Blackberry, Android wearable devices etc. WhatsApp automatically compares all the contacts in address book to WhatsApp Server. Newly adopted advanced features of WhatsApp ranks it on the top among other instant messaging apps. Five advanced features of WhatsApp that you need know are briefed here.

  1. Custom Notifications

This new feature enables you to identify the individual who is messaging you without even looking into the phone. The option allowssetting custom ringtone to individual contacts. The notification popup can be enabled or disabled for each contacts.This update provides the option to set background light colors for notifications. The features privatize your WhatsApp account.img1

  1. Backup to Google Drive

The advanced feature allows you to back up the entire chats, videos, audios, and other documents to Google Account. This option can be verified from account settings. Thenetwork usage menu shows to options:Google Drive backup bytes sent and Google Drive backup received. This is the most expected feature from the hands of WhatsApp.

  1. Voice Calling

This feature enables you to have free voice calls to your family and friends without any additional charges.The data charges may apply for the voice call. To do a voice call you need to enable this feature on your smart phone. The data consumption of Voice calls from WhatsApp are reduced by the developers.img2

  1. Mute Contacts

The new feature enables you to mute the individual contacts as previously available for group chats. The feature will be a blessing for you if you hate replying and face the situation that you can’t block the contact. The muting can be done for hours, days, weeks, years or even for a century.img3

  1. Messages as Unread

“Mark as read” feature is already available with WhatsApp similarly they are going to introduce the reverse operation “Mark as unread” with the upcoming updates. This feature is under test and will be released soon.

The new updates of WhatsApp give an elegant appearance to its user interface. The send / receive of photos, videos and other medias are upgraded to new look and feel. The data consumption of WhatsApp voice calls are reduced to an extent. The updating of location information is also possible with the WhatsApp messenger.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging App and available for voice calls also. The sending/ receiving of multimedia files arepossible with this instant messenger. The updated versions brings a pleasant look and feel to the app.

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